Adding a little Life…style to your photography

On any particular day, whether I am shooting hotel photography, a special event center, rehabilitation hospitals or a luxury real estate listing, most virtual tour photo shoots focus on the architecture of a place.

A wide angle lens is my favorite for capturing full room views and exterior still photos of a building. An 8mm, fisheye lens is my go-to for great quality and quick capture of 360 degree panoramas.  Panoramas help to give a sense of place and show how one room transitions into another.

The combination of still photos and strategically placed, 360 panoramas can truly show the viewer what they will see in person without having to leave their living room.

The thing that is sometimes missing in this picture, is the feel of a place. How can we capture that? Well, I find the best way to add a warm feeling to an advertising shoot, is by using lifestyle photography. You would be surprised how just a few lifestyle or editorial photos can bring a place to life.

Lifestyle Hospital









Twilight Real Estate
Real Estate Photography









Luxury Real Estate Photography
Luxury Real Estate









Family Fun Center Photography
Advertising Lifestyle Photography









Commercial Photography
Pool Photography









Event Center Photography
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