Lifestyle Photography – Changing the face of marketing



A perfect partner is one who is strong where you are weak, someone who encourages you to be better that you were alone.  This is the type of partnership my husband, Joe Duty and I have in life and in business. When we met, we were both photographers, however our specialties were very different. At Pro360 Virtual Tours, we specialize in architectural photography for real estate and commercial businesses.  Joe was a photojournalist for over 18 years. His focus has been on people, capturing the moments that make up our lives.

Last year, Joe decided to leave his career as a photojournalist. We now have a studio for, north of Fort Worth. As we discussed this change and how we can bring our two types of photography together, they really are a perfect match.  Now when a customer wants a Google Business tour or images of their hospital or senior living community, we are now able to offer not just the architectural photography, but lifestyle images and corporate environmental photography, that tell the story of their business.

In order to continue growing in life, we must change with the times. Now is more important than ever, to show a face of your business. Letting people know that you are here to stay and continue to update your site and social media with fresh ideas and visual impact.

Contact Joe and Lisa Duty, for a consultation on how we can help you show the world what your company is all about.